The Vine Team

Peter Asiamah, Executive Director, serves  as a pastor at Kingdom Glory Church, serves as a leader with Covenant Leadership International.

Kay Rudd, Multicultural Educator, has 30 years of experience in teaching and mission work developing education and leadership training among Christians in the US and the South Pacific. She serves as an elder at The Fellowship, a non-denominational congregation.

Felipe Sauvalle, Community Developer and Course Facilitator (Spanish-English), has served at the Rock Church as a leader.

Liz Micka, Director of Operations and Communications, worked in SLTS administration for the last seven years and has continued through our transition to the Vine Institute; she serves at The Adventure, a Foursquare church.

Steve Shogren, Chief Financial Officer, has served SLTS since 2005 contributing his experience in finance, records, and management. He is a member of First Presbyterian Church in Mount Pleasant.

Tom McClenahan, Facilitator and Volunteer, served as faculty and academic dean with SLTS for 25 years; he is also an elder and former pastoral team member of First Christian Reformed Church in Salt Lake City.

Dave Rowe, Facilitator and man of worship, has been a missionary in Utah for 35 years under Missions Door, working the past 19 with SLTS as faculty and dean of spiritual life; he is the author of I ♥ Mormons and also a team member of First Christian Reformed Church in Salt Lake City.