Summit Committee Descriptions

Discover Hidden Treasures Summit
Taskforce Summary and Chairperson

Communications & Database –Robert Simbe

Develop a strategy for communication between task force groups.
Oversee the local database of ethnic churches, interested people and institutions for communication,
promotion, and post-summit uses.

Ethnic Liaison -Tom McClenahan

Responsible for contacting and building meaningful relationships with the Christian
“gatekeepers” within the various ethnic communities of the regions. It is formed early and realizes the
importance of continuing into the post-summit programming.

Finances – Tom McClenahan

Responsible for local budget development, raising regional funds, preparing monthly status
reports for the regional and national teams, paying regional summit bills, and transfer of remaining monies to
the post-summit effort. It is formed early in order to determine projected costs, enable the regional
committee to operate and set registration and meal plan fees for the brochure and other promotional

Hospitality –Open

Provide hospitality during the arrival of summit guests at the hotel sites, at registration,
communication center, and other determined sites.

Languages Services –Ricardo Flores

Coordinate with promotion taskforce for translation of promotion materials, with
seminar taskforce for seminar tracks in non-English languages and interpreting seminar and plenary sessions.

Logistics – Stanley Doll, host church

Develop a logistics plan for “people flow” addressing items such as transportation, parking,
signage, etc. [Based on information provided by those responsible for securing contracts and agreements.] Act
as liaison between the host churches and other taskforces especially seminars and volunteers.

Exhibits –Nish Knant

Responsible for contacting or responding to requests from regional and national exhibitors
hoping to connect with summit attendees. Design room arrangements, secure technical support for approved
displays and coordinate hospitality arrangements in the display area.

Plenary Program and Worship –Dave Rowe

Further develop the summit theme as it relates to the program for the
five plenary sessions – includes the selection of music, and all other program elements.

Prayer -Danielle Acala

Develop a regional prayer program in support of the summit – before, during and after. Collect
prayer information and distribute it to others including but not limited to the National Prayer Coordinator.Publication – Coordinates with many taskforces for publication of promotional summit materials.

Seminars – Kay Rudd, Vine Team

Coordinates of a list of seminar topics and presenters that will benefit churches and ministries in the region and the nation. Secure presenters and oversees technical and set-up requirements for the 10 seminars presented during 2 time blocks on Saturday at the regional Ethnic Ministries Summit. This is done in consultation with the Ethnic America Network National Committee and the Regional Leadership Taskforce Team.

Volunteers – Open

Enlist and coordinate volunteers from area churches and organizations.