Discover Hidden Treasures Summit

Discover God’s Multicultural Gifts
to the Intermountain West


Discover Hidden Treasures Summit

May 23, 2015
9:00 am – 5 pm Please Register

Global Day of Prayer

May 24, 2015
6pm-8pm   Open to All!!!


The Fellowship Church — 615 E Sego Lily [9800 South], Sandy

God calls us to join in His mission to the world.
God is bringing the world to our neighborhoods.
Come learn to minister to the world in your neighborhood.


  • Grow in genuine relationships
  • Benefit from different exhibitors & share resources
  • Learn from other participants
  • Implement a ministry among other ethnic groups.
  • Pursue opportunities for multicultural churches
  • Learn skills for women in leadership
  • Choose from many seminars to expand your knowledge of how to minister within ethnic groups
  • Extend your communication network and learn practical points to reach new people
  • Help to transition to next generation leaders
  • Make gospel connections with our LDS neighbors
  • Do multicultural worship well

REGISTER Now!!               [Early Bird registration until April 29] Extended to May 7th!!

Plenary Sessions

TV Thomas

  • Diasporas and God’s Mission (biblical history & theological foundation)
  • People on the Move: Partners in God’s Mission

Tom McClenahan

  • Global People Movements to the Intermountain West (including video interviews of ethnic-specific church leaders)                    
  • Next Step Opportunities for Partnership in the Intermountain West

Summit Seminars

A Time for Risking Miriam Adeney

Stories and Skills for Women in Leadership
From China to Dubai, Christian women today are pouring out blessing on their communities, following biblical models from Hannah to Priscilla. What can we learn from these stories? What are skills that will help us steward our energies, minimize stress, conquer loneliness, pare bad habits, multitask, and most of all be filled with the love of Jesus and continue to grow?

Biblical Perspective for Immigrants Matthew Soerens

Immigration is a complex political, economic, and social issue, but it’s also a missional issue that the Bible addresses in various ways. This seminar will examine how biblical principles might inform our response to the arrival of immigrants in the U.S., addressing common concerns and misconceptions and pointing toward practical opportunities to respond.

Developing Genuine Relationships Ray Smith

Building relationships is the way the Kingdom of God works. Building relationships in a Multi-Ethnic International Church is the only way to make it work.

Sharing facilities in planting multi-ethnic churches in the USA: stories, models, opportunities and challenges. Gilbert Varela

Sharing facilities in planting ethnic churches in the USA: stories, models, opportunities and challenges.
This seminar will consider the idea of planting ethnic specific churches within established churches by presenting different stories, and models to help leaders consider the opportunities and challenges churches face within their own communities.

Multicultural Worship Tito Venegas

God’s heart is big and includes all ethnic and racial groups in the world. Revelation 7:9-10 tells us the Apostle John saw a great multitude from every nation, tribe and language worshiping together in the presence of God. How do we plan a worship service affirming our Triune God’s gift of diversity? Does worshiping with people of other backgrounds change our understanding of God?

Next Generation Leadership Transition Voltaire Cacal

Whether in the U.S. or other countries around the world, all churches face the same challenges when it comes to retaining its next generation. Key strategic areas in assessing needs and opportunities, identifying barriers and strengths, and taking steps toward inter-generational unity will be covered.

Understanding your Latter-day Saints Neighbors David Rowe, moderator

Panel: Ross Anderson, Greg Johnson, Ken Mulholland, & Sandra Tanner
“To the Mormon I became like a Mormon, to win the Mormons.” Would Paul have included that statement if he wrote 1 Corinthians 9 today from Utah? With Scripture-based and culture-wise insights into contemporary Latter-day Saints, this panel will explore the differences between our worldviews but also seek to “get inside their skins” and bring the light of the Gospel of grace there.

Summit planning meetings

Second Monday of the month at 4:30 pm -6:00 pm.

Partnering with Ethnic America Network

Task Force:

You may be a part of any committee listed.  Click below for descriptions and the person heading up that task force .

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