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Biblical Nuggets on Immigration Reform?

One rather astute Hispanic brother I heard speaking on the hot topic of immigration reform commented that what pains him most is just this: Christians discussing this issue mostly sound exactly the same as non-Christians. The Bible, in both people’s discourse, gets left out! He travels widely across the country and reports this observation from extensive interactions with people.
I wonder if we might find some biblical nuggets pertaining to this issue to share with one another on this blog site. Let me open the “nugget list” by sharing with you the insight of the speaker mentioned above (a professor from Denver Seminary): “Nowhere in the Bible,” he said, “am I told that to love my neighbor he or she must have documents!”

Care to comment? Better yet, how about a comment that includes your own Bible nugget about immigration and immigration reform?

Dave Rowe

Posted in Multicultural on 15 April 2013

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