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Vietnam: The Jesus Invasion

At our recent monthly lunch for multi-cultural ministry leaders, we heard a wonderful report on the Lord’s powerful work in a “closed-to-the-Gospel” society. We all got a fresh reminder: Jesus meant it when he said of the Church he would build, “the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (or, as The Message has it, “not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out”) (Mt. 16:18).

Two forms of God-directed kingdom partnership make this amazing advance a success in Communist Vietnam. The first, a cultural partnership, started and continues to develop here in Salt Lake City between an Anglo congregation and a Vietnamese congregation. They share a Holy Spirit passion to bring God’s love in Christ to the Vietnamese people both here and in their homeland of origin. The second, a strategy partnership, shows the interdependence needed for full Gospel mission work. The Anglo church has resources of finance and prayer and a long-term God-given foothold in Vietnam through orphanages it operates there—the deeds of the Gospel that show God’s love. The Vietnamese church has resources of finance and prayer and evangelism through language and family relationships—the words of the Gospel that tell of God’s love. As leaders from these two congregations spoke of their mission trips to Vietnam, each humbly acknowledged how their part of the Lord’s work needs the other’s part to carry out the Jesus invasion God intends.

Orphan lives get rescued and transformed by the thousands. In just a visit of a couple weeks, family members and friends and even a taxi driver gave their lives to the Lord Jesus in saving faith. The Jesus invasion continues, but not only there in Vietnam: right here in Salt Lake City (among other places in the USA) this strategic partnership goes on to the glory of God.

I find myself inspired and greatly encouraged by this! How about you? What do you see going on in this or similarly intercultural mission efforts?

Posted in Multicultural on 19 November 2012

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