GDOP June 8, 2014

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“When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together In one place” – Acts 2:1

GDOP 2013

GDOP 2013

Here is a slideshow that shows GDOP Salt Lake City! youtube-icon

United by a Prayer for the World, Christians from all over the world, from different cultures and denominations, from many diverse streams will gather.  As at the first Pentecost, we’ll worship God openly in Christ’s name and pray for the healing and blessing of the nations.

Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) Salt Lake City is about praying with one voice and many languages. 2010 in Utah 75 attended with 4 languages. It grew dramatically over the next 3 years until last year we had over 600 with about 30 languages!

On this day we are all praying WITH the world as we pray FOR the world.

Local Sponsors:  
facebook icon The Fellowship–Sandy ♦  Comunidad Cristiana ♦ Calvary Baptist Church ♦ First United Methodist ♦ Church at Liberty Park ♦ Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga in Utah ♦ Miracle Rock Church ♦ Good Shepard Lutheran Church ♦ Christ for All Nations Church ♦ Life in Christ CRC ♦ Vietnamese Evangelical Church


International Global Day of Prayer website


Promotional Video of A NEW SEASON of GDOP Video [3:36 minutes]

Promotional Video of Prayer with ONE Voice GDOP Video [2:03 minutes]


2014 GDOP Flier PDF [4 on a page]

2014 GDOP Flier PDF