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Dear Pastor,

It truly is a privilege to have been called to minister along side you for the purpose of Christ. For 10 years we at K2 have sought to respond to God’s call to seek the lost sheep in Salt Lake valley. But when you find a lost sheep you bring them back to ‘the 99.’ Recently, our pastoral team at K2 the Church has sensed God’s call to increase our attention to shepherding His sheep. As I know you are aware, there are always more than the pastoral staff alone can care for effectively.

To help us in this cause we have asked The Vine Institute to train our staff and lay leaders. We are doing this because we’ve seen the impact of what they have to offer and we believe in the effectiveness of what they are doing.

Two years ago two of our small group leaders enrolled in the first course, “Caring for God’s People.” The members of the small groups they led began to notice a transformation—these leaders were listening to and caring about them more deeply, at the heart level. When these two shared what they had been learning with other small group leaders in a Saturday workshop, the responses were enthusiastic because they were taught simple tangible ways to truly shepherd others. This leadership training is making a difference here at K2, in ethnic congregations around the valley and in other ministries including the homeless downtown. I encourage you to send your lay leaders for this training.

As you see what the Vine Institute has to offer the entire church in the valley, I also want to encourage you to consider supporting them by partnering with First Fruits Fund, a funding and giving entity, to make this effective training available to more leaders and churches throughout Utah. I am asking you to join us in faithfully underwriting them. First Fruits Fund is offering to match every recurring $100 monthly pledge to The Vine with another $1000 one time gift!

This is a great opportunity to increase the equipping of the saints in Utah. Would you pray and share this with your leadership? I do believe if you would consider adding them to your missions budget this year, it would be a great investment for the Kingdom. Thank you for your consideration.



Dave Nelson
Lead Pastor at K2 the Church

PS For more information call our First Fruits Fund representative Evelyn Bossart at 801.581.1900.

193 W 2100 S (801) 486-2240, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 486-2240