Utah Advance

Ross Anderson          

We provide resources to equip evangelical Christian churches to witness and serve more wisely within this unique culture, and especially to enfold and disciple post-Mormon Christians.

Vision360 Utah

Jeff Hummel              

Our mission statement is to serve and empower a collaborative church planting community in 500 global cities by 2025.  The goal is to see at least 50 cities across the United States impacted by this ministry with at least 1,000 churches started.

Western Institute for Intercultural Studies

Ken Mulholland       

A Christian think tank and educational resources. WIIS emphasizes three main areas in its ministry: accurate understanding, informed engagement, and culturally-sensitive sharing of the Gospel with the adherents of new religious movements. Sells Bridges & Grounded

All Nations Transformational Network

CRC Classis Yellowstone South


I Love Mormons: A New Way to Share Christ with Latter-day Saints Dave Rowe

Pastor to Pastors

Mike Menning