Voltaire Cacal

Next Generation Leadership Transition

Voltaire Cacal

EAN Network Vice-chairman: Voltaire Cacal, Biblical Community Church, Richardson, Texas

Voltaire is a first-generation Filipino-American who serves as Vice-Chair for the Ethnic America Network. He also serves as the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Global Mobilization for Camino Global (Dallas, TX) and as the Director of Missions & Community Connections at his local church, Biblical Community Church (Richardson, TX).

He and his wife, Tina, currently live in Texas with their three daughters. Voltaire was born in the Philippines, raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has lived in Texas for over 16 years now.

He has also served with Dallas Seminary in the Spiritual Formation Department, and with RREACH as the International Director in the areas of “pastoral training” and “evangelizing opinion leaders”. Before entering vocational ministry, he worked in the Telecommunications Industry in areas of Technology Introduction, Strategic Business Development, and Market Analysis.