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The Vine Institute invites an exchange of ideas, best practices and challenges to strengthen one another. We explore the barriers, cultural assumptions and obstacles that occur, realizing the need to surrender oneself to become part of something bigger. In this process of listening to one another and working together, we learn, benefit from each other and realize our need for one another.

Our Partners

The Vine Institute is a network of Friends, Partners, and Sponsors!

Volunteers and Interns

Volunteers and interns contribute a number of different ways, some of which include stuffing mail, drafting grant proposals, translating documents, assisting with outreach at local events, and hospitality.

Multicultural Leaders Network

The multicultural church has so many definitions and models to reflect the Body of Christ!

Our Multicultural Leaders Network connects people from a diverse span of backgrounds. Meeting together can be encouraging and develops a support network. Many ethnic churches are experiencing similar issues. Learning how to honor cultural heritage while integrating into American culture can be difficult; discussions concerning the next generation are common.

Connect with our network and experience cross-cultural community!


The Vine Institute is interested in partnering with you!

Partners share resources and participate in achieving a common goal. 


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