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Serving as a catalyst for organizing events such as the Festival of Cultures in Christ and the annual Global Day of Prayer, The Vine seeks to celebrate both the unity and the cultural diversity of Christ’s body. After the last Global Day of Prayer worship event, in which prayers and songs in many languages were taken to the Throne, one person, mindful of Revelation 7:9, commented “This was a taste of heaven!”

Kingdom without Borders

Engaging Muslims and Islam Seminar

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What every follower of Christ needs to know to be a witness to Muslims.

Topics Include:

  • De-mystifying Muslims and Islam
  • Understanding Distinctives and Commonalities
  • Learning the Whys and Hows of Sharing Jesus
  • Connecting for Open-hearted Friendships
  • Testimony from a Muslim-Background Believer

A festival of Cultures in Christ

An event to honor and introduce diverse ethnic Christian groups.


God’s Kingdom without Borders

a conference for moving beyond assumptions in multicultural relationships

Identifying our cultural assumptions and honoring and learning from a stranger


Multicultural Bibliography

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Global Day of Prayer

Pray globally. Gather locally.

Pray with millions around the world on Pentecost Sunday.

A yearly event to call to all Christians from all nations to unite in repentance and prayer, and to collaborate as God’s instruments for the blessing and healing of the nations.

If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”    [2 Chronicles 7: 14]

Festival of Cultures in Christ 2010

Kingdom without Borders

For a day it was a Kingdom without Borders, a Festival of Cultures in Christ. The colors, the foods, the music and the sounds of many languages all contributed toward a beautiful afternoon of honoring and enjoying one another as is evident by the smiles. We hosted this event as one of the many opportunities to bless the various ethnic communities we are getting to know. It was so successful that we now anticipate another one to come in the future.


Nov 2009 Mini-Conference
Mini-Conference 2009

“Congregations Making a Difference” Conference

gospel witness. community change.

Communities First Association [CFA] supports Christians who want to move from a relief to a development orientation in their community. What do you see when you look at your community? deficiencies? needs? problems? OR is it full of gifts, abilities, and capacities for achieving a better tomorrow? CFA helps leaders and communities see themselves and one another as gifted and capable of change. Rather than starting with needs and problems, we start by recognizing the image of God and harvesting what is already there. This strategy opens the possibility for Christians and churches to unleash the capacities of their members and their neighbors, helping neighbors succeed, communities improve and the gospel advance.

“So you want to be a Christian Leader” Conference

A banquet of rich lessons

“Be what you is and not what you ain’t, ‘cuz if you ain’t what you is then you is what you ain’t.” This delightful “what-my-Daddy-told-me” truism from Rev. France Davis embodies one of the major themes attendees heard at the seminary’s November mini-conference, “So You Want to Be a Christian Leader?” The event gave aspiring leaders a banquet of rich lessons through three veteran leaders. Along with Rev. Davis of Calvary Baptist Church the other presenters were Rev. Les Magee and Rev. Laura Stelmon. Pastor Magee warned, “don’t be a pastor-unless there’s such a deep-seated conviction God won’t let you go.” Looking back over a lifetime of experiences and lessons, Magee said, “it is wonderful to proclaim God’s Word and see the lights go on in people’s eyes as they grasp it” To really proclaim it, though, requires that “be-what-you-is” authenticity of accepting your own giftedness as well as speaking the Bible text filtered through life experiences and not just theory. Magee concluded by urging leaders to see beyond their own cultural prism, with its limits and sins, and learn from other people—just as he did in Brazil, Portugal and even Utah. The second speaker, Rev. Laura Stelmon, spoke of following God’s call in her life as the only way to experience joy. In her spiritual journey she found, “whatever happened has not been what we expected; it’s been so much better.” The hard experiences were often the best because in them “we discovered our giftedness.” There’s that “be-who-you-is” thing again. Finally, Pastor Davis added suggestions, to be taken in context, that included “listen to children, children are still honest… you need to know who you are, be able to reason your beliefs with others…  if satan can’t get you to do wrong, he’ll get you to do right wrong… relationships build ministry, dysfunctional ministry comes from dysfunctional relationships… prepare yourself as if everything depended on you. Act as if it all depends on Him. All in all, this mini-conference proved to be a powerful and rich resource.